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Compare car loans was created to simplify the car finance industry for regular Australians.

Too many big banks and financial institutions rely on customers not doing their research and comparing lenders when offering products that are uncompetitive. This is true both when it comes to terms and conditions, rates and features. By collecting a team of experts to create the website and talk to people like you we can ensure the top loans are selected by Australians.

The Compare Car Loan team also goes past just comparing loans and also looking at other solutions to minimize your costs. This can include elements such as considering adopting a car lease through to refinancing your mortgage to lower repayments.

Compare multiple lenders and save!

Comparing lenders can help you get great rates and save thousands!


We have relationships with the major banks and car loan lenders allowing us to match your circumstances to the right car loan package and explore what exclusive rates exist that are not offered to the public. We also factor in any fees associated with the rates to look at the overall cost of the loan for a more holistic approach.


Car Loan approval should be fast but most Australians face delays due to issues such as incorrect paperwork and information. We work closely with our customers to ensure your car loan application matches what the lenders are looking for to ensure a seamless process occurs from the moment you apply to when you receive your car!


We are an Australian team with Australian financial market experience. We know how to haggle with car finance companies to ensure you get the best deal possible. We also understand the key factors that impact on loan rates and approvals. We can discuss a range of tactics with you to ensure you get the best outcome for your circumstances.


Our staff always go 'above and beyond' for our customers. We know more about finance than just car loans and thus can achieve the best financial solutions for you. If you have another personal or home loan in addition to a car loan, we can try package all your loans together to minimise your repayments and maximise your savings. Just have a chat to one of our team members and let them find the right solution for you.

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