Loan Types

Standard loan

This arrangement is the most straightforward of all lending options. A financial organisation will lend the client the necessary money to purchase the desired vehicle (new/used). This type of loan can be either secured (usually against the vehicle) or unsecured (incurring a higher interest rate).

Who suits this type of finance arrangement best?

With its simple process, flexible repayment terms and low interest rate (usually), it is ideal for anyone looking to purchase a car for personal use.

Finance Lease

A finance lease requires the financier to purchase the car, and subsequently leasing it to the intended motorist. Both individuals (personal use) and businesses (business use) can use this method. Repayments are made by the motorist in fixed amounts and regular intervals. At the conclusion of the lease period, the motorist can return, sell or buy the car for its residual value.

Who suits this type of finance arrangement best?

For anyone requiring immediate use of a vehicle, but has little to no capital, this finance method is ideal.

Operating Lease

This form of finance is targeted towards businesses, where the financier buys the vehicle and rents it to the motorist. Once the rental period is over, the motorist has the option to purchase the vehicle, continue renting it or upgrade to another vehicle.

Who suits this type of finance arrangement best?

This form of finance is tailored towards businesses, mainly because it will usually allow all repayments to be tax deductible. It also caters for equipment obsolescence due to the fixed rental period, and subsequent upgrade option.

Novated Lease

A novated lease is when an employee salary sacrifices the appropriate vehicle repayments. The employer is then obligated to fund the financier, though a novated deed related to the employee’s wage. The employee is solely responsible for the vehicle (even upon resignation/termination).

Who suits this type of finance arrangement best?

This is ideal for employee’s looking to purchase a vehicle that will be used for both business and personal reasons. The salary sacrifice method has the added benefit of being used on pre-tax income.

Chattel Mortgage

A chattel mortgage is when a financial organisation advances the funds for the vehicle, and holds a mortgage over the vehicle (using it as security). The motorist becomes the owner from the moment the vehicle is purchased. There are a number of term

Who suits this type of finance arrangement best?

With flexible repayment terms and a traditionally lower interest rate (as the loan is secured against the vehicle), this is ideal for businesses looking to take advantage of the tax exemptions on the repayments.

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Comparing lenders can help you get great rates and save thousands!


We have relationships with the major banks and car loan lenders allowing us to match your circumstances to the right car loan package and explore what exclusive rates exist that are not offered to the public. We also factor in any fees associated with the rates to look at the overall cost of the loan for a more holistic approach.


Car Loan approval should be fast but most Australians face delays due to issues such as incorrect paperwork and information. We work closely with our customers to ensure your car loan application matches what the lenders are looking for to ensure a seamless process occurs from the moment you apply to when you receive your car!


We are an Australian team with Australian financial market experience. We know how to haggle with car finance companies to ensure you get the best deal possible. We also understand the key factors that impact on loan rates and approvals. We can discuss a range of tactics with you to ensure you get the best outcome for your circumstances.


Our staff always go 'above and beyond' for our customers. We know more about finance than just car loans and thus can achieve the best financial solutions for you. If you have another personal or home loan in addition to a car loan, we can try package all your loans together to minimise your repayments and maximise your savings. Just have a chat to one of our team members and let them find the right solution for you.

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